Delibr answers: GitHub vs Bitbucket

Version control tools, your project needs them but your team is undecided which route they should take. Delibr knows how important team focus is, so with that in mind we introduce the two biggest players on the code host stage; GitHub and Bitbucket. It’s the beginnings of a Delibr discussion which you can continue here.

GitHub: Biggest and best?

With over 52 million projects GitHub is one of the largest hosters of code but does it make sense for your team to follow suit?

With GitHub you can securely and reliably host your work or deploy at GitHub Enterprise on your own servers or in Amazon, Azure or Google clouds. You’ll have access to a host of integrations too including internal REST API and Graph QL as well as team manager features.

One thing to be aware of when considering GitHub is although they are open source friendly community and host in the region of 20 million open source projects, they aren’t actually open source.

When it comes to cost. GitHub doesn’t have a free pricing option for start up teams but for a reasonable 25$ a month you’ll be able to include a team of 5 users.

The Bitbucket List

Bitbucket began as an Australian start-up in 2008 and has grown into a code hosting giant. In 2011 it was purchased by Atlassian and a as a result users can look forward to seamless integration of Atlassian products, including JIRA.
If you’re using Mercurial you’ll find the Bitbucket desktop application easy to use. It even features project management capabilities allowing you to track your hosting journey.

If different languages are a priority for your team then the fact that Bitbucket supports other languages will be a plus. Bitbucket’s pricing stands out for the wrong reasons. It can become pricey if you have a large team with many collaborators.

All in all, when it comes to Git you’ll need to choose the product best suited to your individual needs. You may even decide to go with another option such as Coding or GitLab

IP whitelisting allows users to block their private content by IP
Supports other languages
Fewer third party integrations


Better third party integrations at The Marketplace
Size, 10 million repositories hosted as of Dec 2013
Costly if many repositories
Not integrated with Google or Facebook to sign in


Delibr – Go Team!

There’s only one way to be sure that your team make the right choice. Invite them to Delibr and discuss the finer details. You’ll sidestep those meetings and decide the important game changers in your team.