Slack vs HipChat

Who’s winning at team chat software?

To cc or not to cc that is the email question! Or is it? Today, thanks to the wealth of great team communication tools and messenger apps you can be more effective about how you discuss what matters with your team without having messy email threads and searching around for who said what.

These cloud based team tools allow you to align ideas, share files and collaborate wherever your team may be with no delay. Unsure which one would suit your team? We’ve taken two of the best performing to see how they compare. Slack versus HipChat which one pulls the bigger punches? Let’s see.

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Slack founded in 2013 is a cloud based team communication tool. It’s name is an acronym of Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge and it operates across iOS, Android and Windows. It is also freemium service so accessible to all.

You can organise different types of communication into appropriate channels with neat thread capabilities that allow topics to stay on track.

With Slack you can make video calls and easily drag and drop files. It’s success has been in it’s user friendliness and team time saving potential. Also there’s an impressive amount of integrated apps to choose in their directory

The team at Slack are also constantly improving their product. Following a hacking incident in February 2015 they added two factor authentication. One drawback is that your Slack data in effect lives on someone else’s server and is not locally hosted and this doesn’t look set to change in the near future.

You can import chat history from HipChat
User friendly design
Not locally hosted

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HipChat is a product designed and offered by powerhouse Atlassian. First launched in 2009 it can be described as a more sensible mature version of Slack. HipChat is not to be dismissed though.

What is markedly different is that bigger companies can host HipChat on their own servers. HipChat also stand out for their specially tailored products optimised to help Marketing, IT and Software teams with their individual team communication styles. HipChat brings your agile planning tools into ChatOps and promises to help team’s ship faster with more transparency and includes upwards of 200 integrations.

Everyone can access HipChat Basic for free. It is a package that includes 5GB storage and up to 25,000 searchable message history. Upgrade to HipChat PLUS and for 2$ per user per month you get unlimited file storage.

Tailor made selection of products
200+ integrations
A limited free service
Charged per user

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