Delibr answers: TABS VS SPACES

Does the Tabs vs Spaces discussion leave your team with a sinking feeling? It’s why Delibr exists. It’s a tool specifically designed to end all terrifying, long winded and tedious discussions.


TABS vs SPACES what is there left to say? It’s a topic that has spiralled out of control. Forums have lost their threads, relationships have ended and hope has crumbled. It doesn’t matter how you code for individual projects but add a team of creative and impassioned developers, mix it with a specific programming language and a platform type, then add a dedicated Slack channel and you’d better get ready for a long discussion.

Enter Delibr

With Delibr you can create a discussion board and formulate the key PROS and CONS of any topic including TABS vs SPACES. This way you can create a place where your dev team can come together, detail the points that matter and see a decision as it unfolds. Real progress, where you need it most leaving your team free to get on with the job in hand.

As for TABS vs SPACES? Sign up to see a Tabs vs Spaces discussion in Delibr then invite your team members, add what is relevant to your next project and come to an agreement faster.

Here’s what your TABS vs SPACES DELIBR discussion could look like:

Allows mistakes to be more noticeable, it’s annoying to micro manage to spaces
Unless a ‘ghost character’ is activated, it can be hard to tell the difference between spaces and tabs when they exist together


Coders who use spaces earn the equivalent of 2.4 years of experience in salary according to research by StackOverflow
More key presses to type and navigate unless configured in IDE and using keyboard shortcuts

To see a more detailed list full pros & cons, click here!

Things to remember in your TABS vs SPACES discussion:

ADAPT if you work with a specific practices, coding language/framework, or editor (such as VIM) there may be additional pros and cons.

TRUST your team to come up with the best Tabs vs Spaces solution.

ACT on the Delibr result and see positive progress.

Run this pre-populated discussion with your team!